Good Reads

I have a list of books I have read on GOOD READS, a website you can join and list the books you have read and see books others have read.  Unfortunately I can’t link you to my page unless you are a member.

Good Reads has a great list of Gay and Lesbian books too, which again I don’t think you can see unless you join.  But to join is free.


3 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. Сейчас модно стало кончать девушке на лицо, это действие назвали камшот, огромный сборник камшотов на нашем ресурсе

  2. You can also set up a Listopia on any topic, a sort of reading list, like mine I started called Grrls2Men of books with female protagonists who live as men.

    Thanks for including Beloved Pilgrim in your impressive list. I bet llike me you will be adding books for the next twenty years just to catch up…


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