Good Reads

I have a list of books I have read on GOOD READS, a website you can join and list the books you have read and see books others have read.  Unfortunately I can’t link you to my page unless you are a member.

Good Reads has a great list of Gay and Lesbian books too, which again I don’t think you can see unless you join.  But to join is free.

Recommended books

I am preparing a list of good gay books I have read over the years.  I am beginning to list them under RECOMMENDED.  I have only listed those authors I can remember for now, and make only two annotation (reviews).  But hopefully I will continue to add to it.

Even as it is, it is worth googling the names.  (“as it is it is…” what a weird phrase to write, maybe it needs a comma after the first ‘it is’?)


Story in Wilde Oats Issue 3

WILDE OATS ISSUE 3,  December 2009

I have a story called THE PRINCE’S BRIDE, which is also illustrated by me.

The theme of the issue is GAY MARRIAGE.

My story is based on a fairy tale theme, about a Prince who was expected to marry to carry on the line and produce an heir.  The problem was that the Prince did not want to marry, at least not a woman.

Around the forgotten parts of the city, the dark corners, the alleyways, hidden from the searching torchlight of police and charity workers, are the lost boys, the abandoned ones. May I gather with them in their loneliness, and tell them a fairy tale to warm their nights, a story of a Prince who – like them – never wanted to marry.

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