Gay Fiction Websites


These are websites of online writers of gay fiction.

  • Ruth Sims, Author of THE PHOENIX and wonderful new novel COUNTERPOINT: DYLAN’S STORY.
  • MA Naess, Great insight into the reality of youth.
  • J E Mountney a.k.a. Moth, Gay fantasy.
  • Nan Hawthorne Author, blogger, broadcaster and songwriter, lover of medieval history
  • Medieval Novels
    • Do you have a passion for historical novels set between 400 and 1600 AD?   Check out this ever growing source for new, used, and out of print  novels run by a  novelist in the genre.  Authors, list your books!
  • Ally Blue
  • Alyx Shaw
  • Fiona Glass
  • Kiernan Kelly, Erotic fiction
  • Laura Baumbach, m/m erotic romances
  • Lori L Lake, author instructor speaker, Lesbian author – crime, Includes great Links pages.
  • Dusk Peterson, LOVE IN DARK SETTINGS Suspenseful historical fantasy, friendship fiction, and gay fiction
  • Trewin Greenaway, Author of The Cronnex, A tale of two boys in love, A beautiful and erotic fantasy tale.  Available online.
  • Stories by Osiris and Beryll, Morning Childe, – some slash, some original
  • Nigel Puerasch, gay/bi fantasy.  Also a great discussion group at both Google and Yahoo
  • Anel Viz
  • Rick Reed, Discover the twisted fiction of Rick R. Reed
  • Rowan McBride
  • Michael Gouda, World Wide Gay Short Stories, Gay Stories from writers all round the world
  • Michael Halfhill

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