• Illustrations for Alex Hogan’s stories:

    • Eve Le Dez Eve was a long time illustrator for Forbidden Fruit Zine and now sometime illustrator for Wilde Oats. (click here for her website).
      • THE THIRD CHRISTMAS. Eve provided Forbidden Fruit Zine an illustration for writers to use as a prompt for a story.  This was the story I wrote for Eve’s illustration.  You will find the illustration as you scroll down the page


Alex Hogan spends more time writing than drawing, but when she has the chance she likes to sharpen her pencils. Her mother taught her to draw on hectic afternoons when she wanted some peace from her children. Alex used the same technique to keep her own daughter happy, and that daughter now plans to study art at university.

You can see some of Alex’s drawings here.


Jeremy from Jitterbug - published in Wilde Oats


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