About Alex Hogan


My stories evolve around people struggling with sexual identity issues. They are of a gay and bi-sexual theme – involving same sex couples. They are not “adult” stories, but stories about adults.

“You put more into a short story than anybody I’ve ever seen.”  – Ruth Sims, author of The Phoenix.

I’ve been writing ever since teenage-hood when I first discovered the joy of escaping into stories. I was influenced early on by such writers as Mary Renault, D H Lawrence and E M Forster, not to mention David Bowie and Queen. A child of the 60s, I grew up believing in diversity and tolerance and that all you need is love.

I was born female, but consider myself somewhat gender-queer.  I enjoy my female side but also my male side, and identify with gay men.

I live near Melbourne, Australia, with my family. An Arts graduate, part time teacher and full time parent; an atheist, socialist, greenie and believer in social justice, my writing often examines the difficulties people can have when they don’t fit into society’s prescriptive social rules.

Published in Forbidden Fruit, BENT-magazine and Litbits, I am also an editor and webmaster with Gay Flash Fiction and Wilde Oats.

STOP-PRESS: Please note that my old website address, alexhoganstories.com, has been taken over by someone else.  So that site now has out of date information.


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