Published Stories

You can find my published stories in the archives of the e-zines I am involved with.  I also had short stories published in Forbidden Fruit Zine and Bent-Zine.  These zines no longer exist.  I will have to publish my stories in my own book.  I will do so one day …

Short Stories:

Available in:

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Wilde Oats

  • THE PRINCE’S BRIDE, Published by Wilde Oats, December
    • A fairy tale about a brave and noble Prince who was expected to marry and produce an heir, but who was not very interested in women.
  • JITTERBUG, published by Wilde Oats, August 2009.
    • Set in Brisbane, Australia.  Nick was a shy country boy.  He found his first real friend in Jeremy, but found it hard to recognise and accept his true feelings for him.

  • HOLIDAY, published by Wilde Oats in January 2009, and Forbidden Fruit Zine, January 2007.
    • A light-hearted tale of a country boy living in Melbourne, Australia, who is annoyed with the city’s obsession with its premier horse race, The Melbourne Cup, and the enforced holiday the city had for that race.  He is lonely living in the big city, until an American lad, unaware of the holiday, comes looking for accommodation.

Forbidden Fruit Zine

(zine now closed but archives available HERE)

  • THE THIRD CHRISTMAS, published by Forbidden Fruit Zine, December 2008, based on an illustraton by Eve Le Dez. (see her website)
    • Set in the USA.  It was Christmas, and Art was cold and lonely.  Pat was his best friend at school, and while at school he had had a huge crush on Art.  Having such attention gave Art enormous confidence, and made him just a touch arrogant. That is, until Pat rejected him for a real boyfriend.  It was three years now since Pat had closed his door to Art.  Art realized now it wasn’t the attention from Pat that he missed, it was his friendship.
  • IN YOUR ROOM, published by Forbidden Fruit Zine, September 2007.
  • SPIDERBAIT, published in Forbidden Fruit Zine, September 2006
  • THE FIRST TIME, published in Forbidden Fruit Zine in 2005. (archive not available at this stage)


  • DISCOVERY, published in Bent Zine, Issue 1, November 2006.  A print magazine.  Available from HERE either as download or hard copy.  Sorry, no longer available, but I will publish it again soon.



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