Gay Books

Recommended/Gay books

Amazon provides a list of authors who must mention something about gay issues in their books.  There are some surprising inclusions in the list, but at least it is a good starting point.


I have a list of books I have read on GOOD READS, a website you can join and list the books you have read and see books others have read.  Unfortunately I can’t link you to my page unless you are a member.

Good Reads has a great list of Gay and Lesbian books too, which again I don’t think you can see unless you join.  But to join is free.

But here I will tell you of some good books I have read with a gay theme.  Of course this is a work in progress.  At first I will list the authors then slowly add more information.  Click on each author for information on their books.

I will list only the books I enjoyed.  I have read some crap too, and much mediocre stuff which I will not include.

Early writers

Petronius (c.27-66AD)
* Satyricon

Herman Melville (1819-1891)
* Billy Budd

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
*  A Picture of Dorian Gray

Thomas Mann  (1875-1955)
* Death in Venice

EM Forster  (1879-1970)
* Maurice (book and movie)

Evelyn Waugh  (1903-1966)
* Brideshead Revisited (book and TV series)

Christopher Isherwood   (1904-1986)
* Goodbye to Berlin
* Mr Norris Changes Trains

Mary Renault  (1905-1983)
* The Friendly Young Ladies
* The Charioteer
* The Last of the Wine
* Fire from Heaven
* The Persian Boy

Jean Genet  (1910-1986)
* A Thief’s Journal

William Golding   (1911 – 1993)
* Rites of Passage

James Baldwin  (1924-1987)
* Another Country


Contemporary Writers

Cunningham, Michael
* A Home at the End of the World

Greenaway, Trewin
* The Cronnex

Grimsley, Jim
* Comfort and Joy
* Dream Boy
* Kirith Kirin

Hawthorne, Nan
* Beloved Pilgrim

Hollinghurst, Andrew
* The Folding Star 

McCann, Maria
* As Meat Loves Salt

O’Neill, Jamie
* At Swim: Two Boys

Proulx, Annie
* Brokeback Mountain 

Sims, Ruth
* ThePhoenix
* Counterpoint, Dylan’s Story

White, Edmund
* A Boy’s Own Story
* The Married Man


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