Gay Marriage

A new post needed?  OK, I will.  The Greens are pushing for gay marriage in Australia.  I’ve heard stats that say 62% of Aussies support it.  Most others probably don’t care.  Aussies don’t care about things like this.  By don’t care, I mean, “why not?  If they want it, they can have it.  What has it to do with us?”

For some bizarre reason our PM Julia Gilliard is against it.  Why?

Anyway, the mere fact the Greens an bring it up in Parliament is a big step forward.  It’ll come, and I think soon.

Gotta go, “The Office” is on soon.



Story in Gay Flash Fiction – May Issue

Hey, this is really late notice, but I have a story in the May issue of Gay Flash Fiction, called FIVE MINUTES A DAY.  I am particularly pleased with this story, and am trying to expand it, or the idea behind it, into a larger story, maybe even a novel.



New Story in Gay Flash Fiction Issue 17

The new issue of Gay Flash Fiction is out – Issue 17.

I have a story in :


I’d see him walk past my stop every day. He’d be walking to school and I’d be catching the bus. We’d just nod to each other; acknowledging our existence, and that we knew we both went to the same school. He was a year above me, so we never had much to do with each other. When we did pass each other at school, it’d be the same nod we’d give.

Five minutes a day, that was about all I ever saw of him. . . (read more)

Story in Wilde Oats Issue 3

WILDE OATS ISSUE 3,  December 2009

I have a story called THE PRINCE’S BRIDE, which is also illustrated by me.

The theme of the issue is GAY MARRIAGE.

My story is based on a fairy tale theme, about a Prince who was expected to marry to carry on the line and produce an heir.  The problem was that the Prince did not want to marry, at least not a woman.

Around the forgotten parts of the city, the dark corners, the alleyways, hidden from the searching torchlight of police and charity workers, are the lost boys, the abandoned ones. May I gather with them in their loneliness, and tell them a fairy tale to warm their nights, a story of a Prince who – like them – never wanted to marry.

. . . read more