Randon Writing – Kolyah – WIP

This is just me writing about whatever comes into my head.  OK, I’m writing as Lisette Zerck.  My mum wrote a story like this when she was young, back in the 80s.  I should get her to type it up.  She wrote about sitting at a typewriter and complaining about the world.  LOL.  Be funny to read.

I would like to tell the story of my friend, Kolyah.  He comes from Ukraine.  He should write his own story up but he just looked at me and laughed.  Actually he is a friend of my mum’s.  Maybe I should get her to write it up.  Maybe I will.  What’s her name you ask?  Can’t remember.  Got to find her book that she wrote in the 80s.

Kolyah was living in Vienna in the early 1980s.  His father was working in the Soviet Embassy.  ‘No, he was not the ambassador!’ Kolyah loved to emphasis.  ‘He just works there.’  There are more staff than the ambassador.

Kolyah had been living there since he was 16.  They went back to Kiev, ‘Kyev, not Kee-ev,’ he always explains to me.  Anyway, he went back to Kiev for a couple of years when he was 19 and 20, then managed to return to do study at Vienna.  How?  Who knows.  ‘It’s all about who knows who and how much money,’ Kolyah said, and no more explanations.

Kolyah is tall, fair headed, blue eyed and stunningly beautiful.  But don’t tell him I told you that.  He doesn’t like people constantly going on about his looks.

‘Well, slash your face then,’ I’ve heard people retort.

He just sneers at them.  Of course he isn’t going to do that.  ‘It is useful when I want it,’ he says.

It’s interesting to hear him react that way.  It is like what women have to put up with, with men constantly leering at them.  He nods very understandingly when I say that.

‘The fair look comes from my mother, who claims her family were originally connected with the Hanseanic League.  So has Swedish ancestry.  But it’s so long ago, who knows?’ and he smiles his delicious smile.

Kolyah’s looks must have caused some initial problems with Peter, I imagine.  Peter is small, dark-haired, definite Jewish blood.

‘Well, he is Landerer.’  A Jewish name, apparently.  I wouldn’t know.

‘Too tall and too blond,’ Peter said.  And smiled.  ‘That was my first reaction, but not now.’


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